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The Idea Puzzle Prize (1000 euros for the best research design created with the Idea Puzzle® software) promotes doctoral research with scientific rigour as well as socio-economic relevance. The respective regulations are available
here. To date, 9 research designs were awarded, of which 4 were donated to Idea Puzzle and are available below:

Gardela, J. (2018, May). Development of vitrification cryotolerance in bovine oocytes through cold stress. Research design supervised by M. López-Béjar at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain.

Alvites, R. (2018, May). Combined use of olfactory mucosa mesenchymal stem cells and biomaterials in regenerative therapies after peripheral nerve injury. Research design supervised by A. Maurício at Universidade do Porto, Portugal.

La Rosa, L. (2017, May). El periodismo de datos en España: Política y políticas públicas de transparencia que afectan a su desarrollo. Research design supervised by M. Martín at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain.

Soares, S. (2017, May). Biological consequences of exposure to social adversity in childhood. Research design supervised by S. Fraga at Universidade do Porto, Portugal.
Cabral, M. (2016, May). Linking obesity-induced inflammation and metabolic disease: From adolescence to adulthood. Research design supervised by E. Ramos at Universidade do Porto & Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal.  
Gouveia, M. (2015, May). Mindful parenting in pediatric obesity: From parenting practices to children and adolescents psychological adjustment. Research design supervised by H. Moreira, & C. Canavarro at Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal.
Melo, C. (2014, May). Preservação da fertilidade em mulheres com doença oncológica: Processo de tomada de decisão partilhada com as doentes e adaptação psicológica individual à sobrevivência. Research design supervised by C. Canavarro, & A. Santos at Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal.
Cardoso, A. (2013, May). A study on the dynamics of civic movements enabled by information and communication technology. Research design supervised by J. Carvalho at Universidade do Minho, Portugal.
Lélis, C. (2012, May). Co-creation of brand artifacts. Research design supervised by O. Mealha at Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal.