Introduction to the Software


The Idea Puzzle software is a decision-making tool licensed to doctoral schools that helps their PhD candidates improve the coherence of a research proposal, article or thesis in the light of Philosophy of Science (Morais & Brailsford, 2019). It also helps review the strengths and weaknesses of a research project in any field of knowledge. 

In 2016, the Academy of Management Learning & Education (4.3 Impact Factor) considered the Idea Puzzle software "a very useful tool for research across a multitude of disciplines, not only for PhD students as they learn about all of the elements of research project design, but also for reviewers and research project teams" (Parente & Ferro, 2016, p. 645). To date, the Idea Puzzle software has helped design more than 6300 research projects worldwide.

The Idea Puzzle software poses 21 questions, helps answer them, and allows the self-evaluation of each answer. The output of the Idea Puzzle software is a research design with around 2000 words, an overall score, and a coloured jigsaw puzzle of progress, that can be shared in PDF or Word. The help function of the Idea Puzzle software includes examples of research designs from Design, Engineering, Management, Media, Medicine, Psychology and Veterinary as well as definitions, introductions, tips, and bibliography.

The access to the Idea Puzzle software is exclusively online, without installation on the computer. Register with an institutional email from a licensed doctoral school to access the Idea Puzzle software for free or with another email to subscribe it individually (19 euros per year). The institutional license for the doctoral school (1000 euros per year for an unlimited number of users) makes their PhD candidates eligible for the Idea Puzzle Prize.

To date, the one-hour free webinar 'Research design with the Idea Puzzle software' was lectured by Ricardo Morais 314 times in 95 higher education institutions from 26 countries. Contact us to book a one-hour free webinar including a free trial of the Idea Puzzle software for all users of your email domain. Some doctoral schools also offer a course on research design with the Idea Puzzle software.