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'PhD' means 'Doctor of Philosophy'. Yet, most doctoral students have never attended a course on Philosophy of Science (Abrahamson, 2008)
. They thus visualise their research project as a sequence of tasks such as the literature review, the data collection, and the data analysis rather than a system of dilemmatic decisions (McGrath, 1981that integrates epistemology, methodology, ontology, and axiology (Tsang, 2016). Such a gap may explain the fact that almost 50% of North American students fail to complete their PhD in 10 years (CGS, 2009). It is not a problem of time, but of focus. 

Idea Puzzle® software is therefore a decision-making tool for integrative research design based on Philosophy of Science, Knowledge Visualisation, and Information Technology (Morais & Brailsford, 2019). In particular, it integrates the theory, method, data, rhetoric, and authorship of a research project to focus an academic text such as a research proposal, a thesis, or a journal article. The Idea Puzzle® software asks 21 questions, helps answer them, and allows the self-evaluation of each answer. The sequence of 21 questions follows a funnel logic to help focusing the research design.

The output of the Idea Puzzle® software is a research design with around 2000 words, an overall score and a coloured jigsaw puzzle, based on the 21 answers and the respective self-evaluation (examples: DesignEngineering; Management; MedicinePsychology). The estimated time to complete a research design is of one working day, ideally six months after enrolling in a PhD.

The main benefits of the Idea Puzzle® software are the coherent design and defence of a research project from the point of view of Philosophy of Science (Morais, 2010). In 2016, the Academy of Management Learning & Education (4.235 5-Year Impact Factor) considered the Idea Puzzle® software "a very useful tool for research across a multitude of disciplines, not only for PhD students as they learn about all of the elements of research project design, but also for reviewers and research project teams" (Parente & Ferro, 2016, p. 645). To date, the Idea Puzzle® software has helped design more than 4600 research projects worldwide.

The access to the Idea Puzzle® software is exclusively online, without installation on the computer, upon registration with an email from a
licensed university (free) or an individual subscription (19 euros per year). The university licence (1000 euros per year for an unlimited number of users) includes the access to the Idea Puzzle Prize for doctoral candidates and a free seminar for doctoral candidates, supervisors, and methodology teachers. The free seminar can also be organised as a workshop about the Idea Puzzle teacher kit for methodology teachers.