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Date Title Confidentiality Author Institution Country
2024-01-20 Optimizing Induction Brazing Techniques for Sustainable Joining of Dissimilar Metals in Heat Pump Manufacturing Private Eyuel Abate Lemma University of aveiro Portugal
2024-01-19 Projeto de Investigação: "Interplay of ESG Disclosure, Earnings Management, and Financial Performance: Insights from the Eurozone" Private João Fragoso Universidade Europeia Portugal
2024-01-19 Sustainability Assessment of aquaculture production using optimal diets - 1. State of the art of current diets used in aquaculture for gilthead seabream and European seabass and potential ingredients to combine in aquafeed production Private Cristóvão Rocha Universidade do Porto Portugal
2024-01-18 Viabilidade Económica dos Ensaios Clínicos no Centro Hospitalar Universitário de Santo António Private César Carneiro Universidade do Porto Portugal
2024-01-16 Grading, fairness, and purpose Private Julie Falck UWA Australia
2024-01-11 Tese minha Private Patrícia Câmara Universidade Católica Portuguesa Portugal
2024-01-08 Call-out Culture: Art workers challenging British visual arts institutions from the mid 2010s to the early 2020s Private Manon Klein Universidade Católica Portuguesa Portugal
2024-01-07 Implementing Data-Driven Decision-Making in Healthcare: A Case Study of an Orthodontist Startup Private Moses Obeng EBS Estonia
2024-01-03 Reshape IA Private Silia Pinto NOVA FCSH Portugal
2024-01-02 Memorial Titularidade Private RITA Andrade Universidade Federal de Goiás Brazil
2024-01-02 Vestires Indígenas do Brasil Private RITA Andrade Universidade Federal de Goiás Brazil
2023-12-31 Cross-Industry Learning and Innovation: Transforming Manufacturing Competitiveness through Business Models Private Birgit Linnamae Estonian Business School Estonia
2023-12-29 Work Relationships That Don't Work: A Case Study of Ghosting (with Focus on IT Professionals in Estonian Tech Companies) Private Liisi Karindi Estonian Business School Estonia
2023-12-22 HEM Private Bruno Palley Universidade do Porto: (license 10/24) Portugal
2023-12-21 Dissertação Private Victoria Silva Universidade do Porto Portugal
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