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Date Title Confidentiality Author Institution Country
2022-11-08 The Paradox of (Group) Diversity Initiatives in Open source innovation projects Private David Pacuku Kühne Logistics University Germany
2022-11-08 Paper2: Family Firm and Civic Wealth Creation; Private Rosemarie Steenbeek Utrecht University // Windesheim Netherlands
2022-11-08 Corporate contribution to global sustainability - A comparative evaluation of German listed companies Private Michael Schnitzlein University of Augsburg Germany
2022-11-08 Integrated OGI Private Lucky ANCORS Australia
2022-11-07 Using Vibration to Predict Maintenance Private Carlos Pena University of Oklahoma United States
2022-11-07 PhD Proposal Evaluation Private Patrick Dzisah New Jersey Institute of Technology United States
2022-11-07 investorProfile Private Philipp Winder University of St. Gallen Switzerland
2022-11-06 Demo Private Wanlin Hu Vlerick Business School Belgium
2022-11-05 Decarbonizing road freight transportation in Colombian Private Andres Rey Kuehne Logistics University Germany
2022-11-04 Projeto - Estratégia e Governança Private Jane do Socorro Queiroz FMU Brazil
2022-11-04 A Governança das EFPC?s. Uma análise sobre a Estrutura dos Conselhos e a Alta Administração sob a ótica dos riscos de governança. Private Edenilson Figueiredo da Silva FMU Brazil
2022-11-04 Projeto - Estratégia e Governança Private Jane do Socorro Queiroz FMU Brazil
2022-11-04 Digital Platforms and their Impact on Sustainability Private Michael Ntiriakwa Kühne Logistics University Germany
2022-11-04 Princípios de governança na gestão pública: uma análise dos mandatos coletivos na Assembleia Legislativa de São Paulo. Private Mylenna Souza Lirio FMU Brazil
2022-11-04 Paper 2: Positive Corporate Sustainability Contributions of companies pioneering the deep decarbonization transformation Private Duncan Mc Geough KLU Ireland
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