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Date Title Confidentiality Author Institution Country
2021-11-08 Trabalho de MII Private Ana Silva Universidade do Porto Portugal
2021-11-08 Viva Private Sofia Pinto Universidade Católica Portuguesa Portugal
2021-11-08 1st try Private Robin Herbert Umeå University Sweden
2021-11-08 The impact of Industry 4.0 technologies on the human resources of multinational companies in the automotive sector Private Ottó Csiki Babes-Bolyai University Romania
2021-11-08 Financing of strategic change in family firms Private Tristan De Blick University of Antwerp Belgium
2021-11-07 PhD Thesis Project Private Teresa Felício ISEG Portugal
2021-11-07 Embedding female entrepreneurs in entrepreneurial ecosystem(s) Private Saskia Stoker Amsterdam University for Applied Sciences Netherlands
2021-11-06 Research project 0 Private Sam Enemark Aarhus University Denmark
2021-11-05 GROWTH STRATEGIES IN THE AIRLINE INDUSTRY Private Mateus Pongeluppi Reykjavik University Brazil
2021-11-05 Lorenzo Franchi reasearch project Private Lorenzo Franchi University of Antwerp Belgium
2021-11-05 Sensemaking and sensegiving of FLMs in post-acquisition integration Private Dang-Huy CAO Toulouse School of management France
2021-11-05 How SMEs can succesfully implement ephemeral brand content into their social media to stimulate consumer engagement Public Leontine van Geffen Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Netherlands
2021-11-04 How do formal and informal elements of socialisation interact in the formation of the professional accountant? Private Vanessa Egan University of Limerick Ireland
2021-11-04 Enabling the paradigm shift from high-touch to low-touch supply chain planning Public Henrietta von Eben-Worlée Kühne Logistics University Germany
2021-11-04 Research Project - SATINET Private Chloe Satinet UCLouvain Belgium
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