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Date Title Confidentiality Author Institution Country
2009-04-01 Case Study: Tulikivi Oy Private Christiane Hepp Jyväskylän Finland
2009-04-01 family business trial Private Juha Kansikas University of Jyvaskyla Finland
2009-04-01 Mikko Korpela's Master Thesis (JUY ) Private Mikko Korpela JYU Finland
2009-04-01 vm jkl Private Valery Monnier school Finland
2009-04-01 Risks in Sales and Marketing for SMEs, FBs in tourism and hospitality sectors Private Thao Tran University of Jyvaskyla Finland
2009-04-01 Decision making in succesful family business Private Kai Koponen University Finland
2009-04-06 Teste Sof Private Sofia Graça BPI Portugal
2009-04-06 Impacto das comunidades virtuais no marketing Private Filipe Couto Universidade Portugal
2009-04-06 Plano do Luís Private Luís Andrade Universidade Católica Portugal
2009-04-06 Plano de Investigação Raquel F. Silva Private Raquel Silva Universidade Católica Portuguesa Portugal
2009-04-06 Plano Investigação - RaquelSoares Private Raquel Soares UCP Portugal
2009-04-06 e5008006 Private Rui Alves UCP Porto Portugal
2009-04-06 Plano do Miguel Private miguel reis Soares dos Reis Unipessoal, Lda Portugal
2009-04-06 OpenSuse Linux Community - Product Development & Life Cycle Private Rodolfo Ramos MKT Mestrado Afghanistan
2009-04-06 teste Private Sérgio Castel-Branco UCP Portugal
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