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Idea Puzzle was founded in 2008 to technologically support doctoral education in Philosophy of Science. Our main initiatives are the Idea Puzzle« software and the seminar "How to design and defend your PhD with the Idea Puzzle« software".

In 2016, the Academy of Management Learning & Education presented the Idea Puzzle« software as "a useful tool for any research project regardless of the experience level of the user" (Parente & Ferro, 2016: 643). In 2017, the software was presented at the 10th EUA-CDE Meeting as an example of digitalisation of the doctoral research process.  


Ricardo Morais is Head of the Management Department at Catˇlica Porto Business School, coordinator of the doctoral seminar "How to design your PhD" at the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) in Brussels, founder of Idea Puzzle, and alumni of HPI School of Design Thinking in Germany. He holds a PhD in Strategic Management from the University of Jyvńskylń, Finland, having graduated in Management from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto. His research interests are interdisciplinary, including strategic management, critical realism, doctoral education, and design thinking. Since 2002, he has lectured these topics in over 70 higher education institutions in 16 countries. He is a member of the Academy of Management, European Academy of Management, Strategic Management Society, Academy of International Business, and Christian Association of Entrepreneurs and Managers.



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